The Morning

Is the morning really the morning, or is it an extension from the previous day?

How did you go to sleep?

Did you resolve the tension and stress from the day previous? 

Is today really a fresh start, or is it merely an energetic extension from 8 hours ago? 

Our mind tends to compartmentalize and look at the morning as a new beginning…and this is accurate to some degree. 

Except, have you noticed that you still think many of the same thoughts as yesterday? 

Have you noticed that you still take many of the same actions as a mere memory from yesterday or yesteryear? 

How much of today is really a new day, and how much of it is a habitual extension of yesterday?

Zen writes “beginner’s mind”. Fresh start. 

Yet, how many of us begin a day with absolute curiosity to be flabbergasted by the unexpected, spontaneous happenstance of the day?

Or how many of us clearly look for predictable patterns to ensure we are safe, and know how to function in the environment we are in?

This blog is more of questions. More wondering. More interest in posing the question, of how much is a new day, really a new day. 

And if you want to have a new day, what are the conditions that would need to happen to truly make it a new day?

Do you want a predictable day? A certain day? A fun day? A day of variety? A day of exploration? A day of connection with loved ones? A day where you make a difference in others lives? A day to contribute to your family and community around you? 

By design or by default? 

Dr. Steve