The ONE Thing For When You’re in a Funk

Recently I was in a ‘fitness funk’. 

My old relationship with fitness, aesthetic desire, pushing weights, sprints, etc.. just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. In my mind I was saying, “what am I doing this for?”

Have you ever been there, where the old needs and the old strategies just weren’t getting you what you wanted, or you didn’t even know why you were doing it anymore?

So I asked a better question; “What’s the one thing that feels really good, that I want to commit to daily for my fitness?”

A really great answer came: “Sweat Once a Day”. 

It was an answer that was totally unpredictable, yet for where I am in my fitness relationship, it made sense to detach from normal “fitness goals”, and opened up inspiring and creative opportunities to “Sweat once a Day”. It also made sense because I associate sweating with doing enough productive activity to make progress, so that seemed to line up as well.  

If I reach the goal of Sweating once a Day, regardless of the activity, then I can see what my body wants for the day, and work that until I get a sweat. If I sweat, then I have essentially reached the objective; THE ONE THING. 

I am curious where this new objective will go, but I can see that I have many strategies that can help me to reach that fitness objective, and I also love that to get to a sweat requires some level of work (unless I choose to lay in the sun, which does have metabolic effects), along with sweating itself as an amazing cleansing process for the body. Win-win. 

If you are in a funk, consider asking “What’s the one thing I can commit to…” and see what comes up from your intuition. You may be pleasantly shocked to see what idea springs to mind. 

And this principle of the ONE THING by Gary Keller, can also be used across any area of life, including relationships, money, career, social leadership, children, etc. 

Have fun with the ONE THING and see how it may enhance an area where you are in a funk.