Years ago a yoga instructor had mentioned something that stuck.

He said, the femur bones, the leg bones attached into the hips, represent on one side “intention” and the other side “action”. 

When these two aspects of yourself are congruent, your hips sit in their socket equally, and your pelvis is much more likely to be level and balanced. 

This idea was supported by my chiropractic mentor who used the pelvis as a doorway to capture and energize the “inner leader”, activating that captain in you that steers the ship. 

Consider some of the juice in that information. 

Take a moment right now if you can to move your pelvis around in your chair. Feel the rhythm or movement of the pelvis and hips underneath you. What does it feel like? Does that area feel foreign? Does it feel good to connect with your base of support?

What would that right and left femur be speaking to you about your intentions and actions, and how congruent they are? 

Think of the most glorious area of your life, and how your intentions and actions align.

Think of the area of life that appears “off”, and how your intentions and actions most commonly are “off”.

Notice the difference. 

Feel into the pelvis as you think about the areas that are working for you. Feel into the high standards, congruency and empowerment in that area. 

Feel into the pelvis as you think about the areas that are stuck. Feel into the dropped standards, incongruency, and disempowerment in that area, 

As the captain of your ship, the alignment of your legs, pelvis, intentions and decisions are on a constant quest for alignment, giving us feedback so we keep the ship toward its ultimate objective.