Simply and Be Wildly Rewarded


Sometimes you can really do wonders to confuse yourself. 

Guilts, shame, resentments, judgements, twisted relationships, you name it. 

You can confuse and do the same in other areas of life, nutrition for example. 

“What do I eat, how should I eat, when should I eat…” Think of all the ways you can confuse yourself around nutrition. 

And how simple it can be when you take all of that confusion and just start focusing on drinking more water throughout the day. 

It relieves so many thought patterns that create confusion.

It solves so many of our problems from overeating, to what to eat, to feeling hungry etc.

The same occurs for your inner life.

You confuse yourself. 

And if water simplifies nutrition, then self appreciation simplifies the self mastery world. 

Self appreciation. 

Self value. 

Self worth. 

When life is confusing or throwing lemons at you, the simplest way to realign and feel robust energy is to remember how valuable you are. 

Self appreciation is the greatest energy builder. 

All the best, 

Dr. Steve