More Than Words Can Say

I had an incredible insight years ago. 

I was walking with my wife, and we were talking about people that she admired for the life they were living. 

Two names that came up were an artistic leader who has created an incredible brand and business in home decor, and the second was the wife of an athlete who has done massive philanthropic work along with raising her young kids. 

So I asked the question, “if you were to meet just one of them, who would you choose?”

She hemmed and hawed for minutes, and kept saying, “I can’t pick one, I just don’t know.”

So I asked the next best question I knew to get the answer, “If I had a gun to your head right now and you had to choose, who would it be..answer right now..”

She immediately chose the wife of the athlete.

I said, “why did you choose her?”

And you know what she said?

“Because the other one’s posture is really poor, and she is probably hiding something.”

Bingo! Our instincts know that tension bound in the body gives off a vibe that we have unresolved issues. Intuitively she knew, gathering thousands of data points from over the years of following them, that the integrity of the posture was giving off enough of a vibe to avoid that individual. Interesting. 

What does this say to you, about posture, decisions, tone, tension, and the NON VERBAL communication that goes on, day after day, interacting with thousands over a lifetime. 

Your posture matters. Your letting go of tension matters. Your awareness of your body matters. It all communicates with others around you. 

They say over 80% of our communication is non-verbal, and you can see why. 

Non-verbal allows us to understand others on an entirely new level. And to me, in my clinical opinion, the most vital people on the planet are the ones that have healthy alignment and congruence between their body, language, actions and psychology. They all go hand in hand. 

That’s something to work towards.