Dr. Steve Fonso

Founder and Creator of The Magic of Relationships

Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life.

And, at the same time, it can also cause you the most pain.
It’s frustrating and lonely when you aren’t getting the connection, the spark, the joy out of your marriage that you once did.

When you’re sleeping in different rooms…
When the date nights get less and less frequent…
When the same disagreements and drama come up again and again…

I don’t wish that pain upon anyone.

I’d much rather you be in a marriage that feels uplifting, supportive, and FUN. Where communication is easy, affection comes naturally to both of you, and the people around you are sick of seeing you flirting.

That’s how you know your marriage is magic.

If you’d like to build a relationship like that, you will want to click the button below to check out my signature program. It helps couples just like you change their marriage without changing who they are.

And if you want a little taste of what that can do for you, I have a free masterclass you should attend.

It’s called Mental Health & Marriage – 3 Steps to Overcoming Anxieties to Strengthen Your Marriage. It teaches you how to go beyond “good enough” and re-ignite the passion and intimacy in your marriage.

This is a crucial first step. Much of the time, the reason our marriage deflates and we find ourselves robbed of the connection we once shared is because of complacency.

There is no momentous event or sudden change. It’s a gradual backsliding away from the relationship we want into a relationship that merely exists.

It lacks energy, life, or fire.

The five steps you take on the masterclass will show you how to breathe life back into your marriage. If you’re interested in attending the next one (and I highly recommend you do) go ahead and click the image below.

One other thing I want to mention: you’re not alone if you feel trapped in a marriage that has lost its spark.

I have helped thousands of my clients restore intimacy and passion to their relationships. And one thing I’ve always found helpful when serving them is inviting them into a community.

If you want to build real, lasting change in your life and/or your relationship, it’s not enough to simply take different actions. You must join a community of others who are trying to do (or have done) what you are trying to do.

It builds accountability, it helps you get support, and it’s proof that you are not alone.

If you’ve been reading this page, a group like this could be a massive benefit to you.

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