Immune Couples

Sickness, illness and disease can either destroy and unify a relationship. I’ve seen both.

Interestingly enough though, the degree of emotional dependency and polarity that exists in a relationship, can have an incredible impact on the couple’s immune system and overall recovery from illness.

“Issues” in a relationship take energy. We all know this.

Yet, often times, we either forget or don’t even consider that our immune system is the most expensive on energy and requires the most amount of energy to work properly, effectively, and harmoniously.

When ‘issues’ become heightened, what scientists would call ‘a lack of coherence’ in the relationship, the muscular, immune and digestive systems are the first to be compromised. The neuromuscular system is involved in the fight or flight response and is over activated (shoulders around the ears syndrome), and the immune and digestive systems are shut down during stress as they are just too energetically expensive.

And these issues, or lack of coherence, not only take up additional energy, but also drastically influence the rate of recovery, sleep and rejuvenation. So combine all of the expenses on energy such as arguments, resentments, increased muscle tension and bodily stress, lowered immune system and digestive system, and lack of sound sleep, we can now easily see how issues in a relationship affect your overall health and wellbeing, and especially your immune system.

The simple solution of course is to resolve the issues, and free the energy. Easier said than done.

For now, I’d like you to just sit in the awareness of the immense amount of energy that you are using, to accelerate the aging process, breakdown your body, and leave your system open and vulnerable to breakdown, as ‘issues’ DON’T get resolved.

There is value in feeling the discomfort and expanding our awareness how NOT clearing patterns affects each other, how NOT dealing with our issues limits each other, and how NOT creating new strategies for healthy communication destroys the inner communication of our bodymind and leaves us open for sickness and disease. Feel into the discomfort, feel how your false focus and lowered standards has hurt you and the one you love. Feel the destructive power in issues that have not been fully addressed. And also, feel the power, strength and opportunity to connect with the pain of it all, and use that pain as a means to transform your relationship to new heights and new levels of love. You both deserve more than this. You deserve more than you’ve allowed yourself to experience together.