The 5 Steps to Reclaim the Intimacy in your Marriage

A Step-by-Step Guide to Breathing Life Back into Your Marriage

About Dr. Steve

Dr. Steven Fonso is a holistic doctor and owner-operator of Veressent Life. This practice guides people to their ultimate focus; a life dedicated to living in one’s authentic, core nature.

Through this lens he helps his clients build beautiful lives that they love – with vibrant marriages, stable family lives, and secure relationships.

He is also the author of Finding Magic in the Mess, which teaches people about living in presence, connection, gratitude, love and unity.

Dr. Fonso now is creating an online business and community to support the essence of his work with a special emphasis on personal and relationship mastery, as well as strategies to maximize the wellness of the family dynamic.

He lives with his beautiful and loving wife, Lea, and three adorable children, Maiah, Logan and Hannah in Thunder Bay, Canada.


Live Q&A

All masterclass participants will be asked to submit questions for the live Q&A we’ll be holding in the masterclass. I’ll get through as many as I can during our time together so you can take those answers back into your relationship and start rediscovering the magic.

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As a thank you for attending the masterclass, we’ll be holding a draw for masterclass participants where you can win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards. I’ll be telling you how you can enter during our time together, so make sure you don’t miss the masterclass!

Your marriage is supposed to be the most important relationship of your life.

That’s precisely why it’s so maddening when you’re the only one who cares.

That’s why...

it hurts so much to wake up and feel alone, every single day.

That’s why...

it’s so painful when you notice yourself avoiding your partner.

That’s why...

it’s so frustrating to have the same arguments over and over again.

And the longer this goes on, the more questions start swirling around. Questions Like: 

Why can’t things go back to the way they used to be?

Are we bad role models for our kids?

What if I’m stuck here forever?

What happened to the person I married?

Don’t they realize how much they’re hurting me?

And if you’ve felt those feelings and asked those questions, I want you to know something:

Every relationship has its magic.

Even if it seems to have disappeared.

And re-discovering that magic is likely easier than you realize.

It doesn’t take couples’ counselling…

It doesn’t take a second honeymoon…

It doesn’t take a book…

What it takes is you pressing the registration button below and then showing up on the date of our masterclass:

The masterclass is where the road starts. Where does the road end?

With a relationship where:

• You feel loved unconditionally for who you are

• You are excited to be around your partner and vice-versa

• You feel your partner’s love, presence, and connection every day

• You know with certainty you are growing together for a lifetime

• Others (including your children) can sense the powerful and intimate connection you share with your partner

This is the type of magical relationship we’re all searching for + with a little help, we can all get there.

Do you remember what it felt like to come up with your wedding vows?

For me, it felt like a comfortable warmth was embracing me. It was an amazing sense of security and certainty. I had been blessed to be given the chance to know and love an incredible, amazing woman… and trying to express that was exciting AND frustrating.

Words can only say so much, after all. And my heart was so full of emotion.

There was so much I wanted to say. How much I loved and cherished her, how much I was looking forward to spending time and growing old with her, how even the smallest moments between us meant so much to me…

All of that is still true for me. Are your vows still true for you?

If not… take the time to attend this masterclass.
The simple shifts I show you can transform your relationship.

Do you want to feel like a newlywed again?
Or do you want to continue feeling like a divorcee?


…if you want to turn your disconnection into desire, isolation into intimacy, and your pain into passion – you need to realize that you aren’t broken and neither is your partner.

Neither of you need to change who you are to improve your relationship.


….what needs to be different? Your connection.
The reason you feel lonely, guilty, and ashamed is because your connection has (seemingly) up and vanished. That’s why what I teach works – because it rebuilds and reinforces the connection between you and your partner.

Because they don't happen by accident.

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