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3 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety to Strengthen Your Marriage

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About Dr. Steve

Dr. Steven Fonso is a holistic doctor and owner-operator of Veressent Life. This practice guides people to their ultimate focus; a life dedicated to living in one’s authentic, core nature.

Through this lens he helps his clients build beautiful lives that they love – with vibrant marriages, stable family lives, and secure relationships.

He is also the author of Finding Magic in the Mess, which teaches people about living in presence, connection, gratitude, love and unity.

Dr. Fonso now is creating an online business and community to support the essence of his work with a special emphasis on personal and relationship mastery, as well as strategies to maximize the wellness of the family dynamic.

He lives with his beautiful and loving wife, Lea, and three adorable children, Maiah, Logan and Hannah in Thunder Bay, Canada.

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